The Nathaniel Johnstone Band



Vocals, Ukulele, Percussion, Kazoo


Hailing from the hedge and loam of Seattle's undergrowth, this chimerical songbird aims to weave historical and wax hysterical in the old-new traditions of mountain men, shantymen, and her fellow men as she tromps and twirls acro'st both ancient myth and accidental malady. This little troubadour delights in bringing life to the voices of the past, so come and share a pomegranate seed or two!


Dogwood is a 2013 graduate of Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Theatre/Playwrighting who inherited her father's passion for bluegrass and her mother's love for eighties pop and opera (and discovered punk and David Bowie all on her own). Her first ever role on a stage was at the tender age of three, when she played Persephone in a summer daycare production of the Greek myths. She's been hooked on them ever since, and it is from those and other ancient tales that the sparks of her inspiration most often originate, in song and poem form alike. Five years ago, she picked up a ukulele and hasn't looked back.


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