The Nathaniel Johnstone Band

Previous Shows:

Nathaniel has been a familiar and friendly face at many conventions and festivals throughout the US and Europe. Here are just some of the engagements he's been at with his own band, The Ghosts Project (2007-present), and Abney Park (2006-2011):

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band:

A-Kon (TX) | Eccentrik Fest (NC) | Clockwork Alchemy (CA) | DragonCon (GA) Fairhaven Steampunk Festival (WA)| Gothla US (CA) | The Lightkeeper's Ball (WA) | Many Gods West (WA) | Medfest (WA) | Norwescon (WA) | PantheaCon (CA) |  Skyscraper Tour w/ Jody Ellen (CA) | Spring Caravan (NJ) | Seattle Steamposium (WA) | HRM Steamposium (CA) |  SteamCon (WA) | Steampunk Industrial Revolution (NH) | The Steampunk World's Fair (NJ) | Tribal Fest (CA) | Vampire Ball with Anne Rice (LA) | Underworld Ball, Waking Persephone (WA) | Wild Wild West Con (AZ)

The Ghosts Project:

A-Kon (TX) | Anachrocon (GA) | Tokyo in Tulsa (OK) | Waking Persephone (RI)

Abney Park:

A-Kon (TX) | Convergence (OR) | DragonCon (GA) | Faerieworlds (OR)| Great New England Steampunk Exhibition (MA) | The Ravenwood Festival (AR)| Salon Con (NJ) | SteamCon (WA)| Wild Wild West Con (AZ) | Whitby Gothic Festival (UK)| World Steam Expo (MI)


Upcoming Shows:

September 28th-October 1st
Hexenfest, Geyersville, CA
(Dogwood & Johnstone with Tempest)

October 12th-15th
Hekate's Sickle Festival
Index, WA
(Dogwood & Johnstone with Tempest)

October 21st
Soul Food Cafe
Redmond, WA

October 25th-October 30th
Southern Tour Dates with
The Mechanist & The Star Goddess