The Nathaniel Johnstone Band

Greek Myth! Steampunk! Adventure! It's all in here -
Released May 2014.

About the Album:

This all started when I read an article about the sophisticated science and technology of Ancient Greece. Reportedly, they had death rays, steam technology, and were making clockwork devices that rival the elegance of modern Swiss watch makers. Our whole world is thick with the influence of Greek art, music, knowledge and philosophy.


The title of the album comes from an ancient artifact found in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera in 1900-1901. The corroded bronze object had obvious gear work and, after years of care and investigation was found to be a device used to predict the movements of the heavenly bodies - eclipses, the phase of the moon, the wanderings of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury through the heavens. Scholars and scientists today are still puzzling over the complexities that the mechanism has to offer. The sophistication required to make this was lost and didn't reappear again until nearly 1500 years later.


Of course, seeing as we're steampunks we knew that we had to add some science fiction to the project. So we've taken a few 'liberties' with the stories. If you've heard our previous album, Narrative, you'll get what I mean.


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