The Nathaniel Johnstone Band

What folks are saying about the Music...

“I dig his funky-fusion-swirly-world rock....All of that complexity is still here: the central middle eastern vibe, the funky soulful back end that melds nicely with the neo-psychedelic lead strings, the depth of song writing. Less world-influenced and more world-exploratory.” - says “Whether bowing out a fierce violin lead, laying down chunky guitar riffs, or picking the hell out of a banjo or mandolin, Nathaniel executes it with an amazing blend of technical dexterity and emotional expressiveness.”  Narratives is a “riveting retelling of dark fairy tales and fantastical folklore” that is full of “infectious grooves and riffs”.

The Gatehouse shares that “Narratives is an album that is both diverse, gripping and suitable for listening to, dancing to or simply playing it in the background to brighten up any room with excellent tunes. Be warned though, this music will make you want to dance and move to the rhythm.”

The Evidence of

Past Misdeeds


The Antikythera


Any Moment Now

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The Mother Matrix