The Mother Matrix

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band is ready to rock into 2016 - we've got an album full of new songs that will be released in May, and we're doing a LOT of touring on the East Coast and Midwest this year!

When Nathaniel was casting about for a theme to this new album Tempest showed him a new drawing she'd made that she'd entitled The Mother Matrix. It instantly fired up his imagination and he began to wonder what, or who the Mother Matrix was. As usual, once he shared his ideas with Alyssa, Dogwood, and the rest of the band, the songs pretty much wrote themselves. This album is an exploration of that thought process.


We've already begun performing some of the tunes at recent shows and from the audience response we think we're on the right track. We can't wait to share this with you!

The Songs:
1 - The Spark

2 - Seven Veils

3 - Mother Matrix Part 1 - Genesis

4 - One Way Trip to Mars

5 - Traveling

6 - Mother Matrix Part 2 - Going Gone

7 - On the Beach

8 - Why Reason?

9 - Mother Matrix Part 3 - The Crossroads

10 - Mother Matrix Part 4 - All in All

11 - Little Star


Raised: $4870 - thank you all! Physical rewards will ship in June!


Q: I want to donate, but I don't have a credit card or like to use PayPal - can I pay by check or money order?

A: Yes! You can donate at any level via check or money order (or cash or square if you're local). Just write us for the payment and address info.


Q. I can only donate a little right this moment, but can I donate more in the near future and how would that work?

A. We appreciate anything you can donate to make this happen (we're on a budget too, hence this fundraiser, and so we we understand!), so let's say you donate $20 now, and $20 in 2 weeks, you'll go up to the next level, because we'll keep track of it for you. Whatever level your total amount reaches, is what you will get (and who knows, maybe more!)


Q: Why are you using your own website vs. a crowdfunding site?

A: Several reasons: One: it cuts out an additional middle man, which means more funds can go towards the project. Two: this project will be going forward no matter what, and every donation counts.


Q. How do the House Concerts work?

A. If you live in the Puget Sound Area (basically within 2 hours of Seattle proper), we come to you! Scheduling/availability is subject to our calendar (and yours), so please keep that in mind. If you live outside of Western Washington, then we're still happy to come and do a house concert for you - but you are also responsible for the cost of transportation (airships, trains, automobiles + lodging) - so that is an additional cost beyond the initial donation. If you have any questions - please email us!


Q. When will I get my CD/rewards?

A. We are estimating that the CDs will be ready early June - you may be able to get them earlier if you are attending one of the events we're performing at. Everyone who donates will be added to a special newsletter which will let you know exactly how things are going and when you can expect your CD and related rewards.


Have a question not answered by the FAQ? E-mail us

  • $5.00 Level - Warm Fuzzies

    A donation of $5.00 is much appreciated and we bestow upon you our heartfelt gratitude! Thank you!

  • $15.00 Level - Digital Download

    A donation of $15.00 includes our heartfelt gratitude, and a digital download of the album - Thank you!

  • $50.00 Level - SIGNED CDs!

    A donation of $50.00 includes our heartfelt gratitude, includes everything in the $30 package, plus your CD signed, and a shout-out on our facebook page. Thank you!

  • $75.00 Level - Liner Notes Credit + Large Patch

    A donation of $75.00 includes our heartfelt gratitude, everything in the $50 package, plus Liner Note Credits + a Mother Matrix design large fabric patch!

  • $100.00 Level - Coloring Book

    A donation of $100 includes everything in the $75.00 level + a limited edition Nathaniel Johnstone Band COLORING BOOK, designed by Tempest!

  • $200.00 Level - Art & Totes!

    A donation of $200 includes everything in the $100 level + a glorious quality fabric tote bag of the Mother Matrix Design, and a special limited edition signed metallic 8x10 print of the Mother Matrix Drawing by Tempest.

  • $500.00 Level - House Concert

    A donation of $500 includes everything in the $200 + A House Concert in the Puget Sound Area (Washington) with The Nathaniel Johnstone Band. For house concerts OUTSIDE of the Puget Sound Area, you will also need to additionally provide transportation and accommodations for the band. If we are already in your area for another event, then we may be able to waive those additional costs. Let's talk! Concert dates are subject to our availability.


We self-publish every CD project we produce, and they're manufactured here in the US.  The fundraiser helps to cover the costs of recording, mastering, manufacturing (plus the rewards + shipping) - and additionally, helping the band out with touring costs, as we'll be promoting the CD on our upcoming April/May East Coast/Midwest tour!


Thanks to everyone who donated! We have sent download codes to all who contributed. Physical rewards will ship in June!