The Nathaniel Johnstone Band

Nathaniel has been incredibly lucky to have the help of his friends and fellow musicians throughout this whole endeavor. As the lineup changes occasionally, it's best to just list all of the many talented folks that have been a part of the ensemble:


Jim Anderberg - Drums

Erik Brown - Bass, Percussion

Bret Calder - Bass

Tom Coyne - Drums

Kate "Dogwood" McKnight - Voice, Ukulele, Percussion
Elizabeth Lain - Oboe
Mike Mermelstein - Bass, Guitar

Gabriel Monticello - Bass

Davis Petterson - Drums

Alyssa Rosenbloom - Vocals, Lyrics

Tempest - Keyboard & Percussion


Past Members & Honored Guests:

Levi Ali - Percussion
Jes Brown (no relation) - Drums
Libby Bulloff - iPhone Noises, Percussion, Bloodcurdling Screams

Jody Ellen - Vocals

Evan Evanovich - Accordion, Clarinet

Rachel Gilley - Flute

Peter Gorritz - Guitar

Harlan Glotzer - Concertina
Jean-Paul Mayden - Bass, Guitar

Mel - Voice, Percussion
Gator McMurder - Bass

Valerie Meiss - Accordian, Voice
Paul Mercer - Violin

Erica "Unwoman" Mulkey - Cello

Magpie Ratt - Accordian

Meredith Yayanos - Theremin, Violin


The Usual Suspects & Special Guests